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At ACES Jackson, we specialize in all types of private investigative services in the metropolitan area, as well as surrounding municipalities in southern Mississippi.

Private Investigator in Jackson MS

If you need a private investigator in Jackson, MS, there’s no reason to call anyone but the best – and that’s ACES Private Investigations Jackson.

 Our team of private investigator licensed in Mississippi comes from backgrounds in many relevant professions, including police detectives, SIU investigators, and members of the United States military.

The ACES Jackson team of exceptionally trained private investigators has decades of experience providing top-notch private investigative services to individuals and businesses throughout several southern states, including Mississippi.

We’ve always worked closely with law enforcement officials and have an established network of associates and experts in many different fields, meaning our private investigator licensed in Mississippi are some of the most connected and best trained in the business.

If you need a private investigator in Jackson MS, ACES is always going to be your best choice. We handle each case and each client with the utmost professionalism and discretion during every step of the investigative process.

So if you need a private investigator licensed in Jackson Mississippi, give ACES a call today and put the best in Mississippi to work on your behalf!

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Mississippi Surveillance Experts

Mississippi Surveillance Experts

A core responsibility of any mississippi private investigator license is the ability to conduct top notch surveillance, and our team of professional investigators at ACES Jackson are some of the best in the business.

Each investigator has met his or her licensing requirement for the State of Mississippi, meaning they’re recognized by the powers that be to be among the very best in the Magnolia State.

And when it comes to surveillance, ACES investigators in Mississippi practice a mixture of both old fashioned detective work and the use of the latest in modern technology, which includes high tech audio and video equipment and even Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, where allowed by law.

And if you need us to document what we’ve found for a court case, we’ll prepare all the needed reports and even testify on your behalf when necessary.

Missing Persons Cases jackson mspi

Missing Persons Cases

There are many reasons why a client could be searching for a missing person, from locating a lost child to tracking down a long lost love or even an old friend.

And in every case, ACES private investigators in Jackson MS are ready, willing and able to take on your case. The reason makes no difference – if you need a person found, we’ll get the job done!

Our company has a long history of successfully resolved cases in this area, and we look forward to working with you to find whoever it is you’re searching for.

Our private investigators in Jackson MS have access to several national and worldwide databases, as well as an established network of contacts and associates to call on when needed.

We won’t stop looking until we’ve found the person you’re looking for, so call ACES and let us get to work on your case today.

Background checks Aces PI

Background Checks

With so many unscrupulous individuals in the world today, conducting thorough background checks has become a growing part of our business at ACES Private Investigations in the last few years.

And that includes our clientele in Mississippi, where background grounds run second only to surveillance cases with our ever expanding list of clients.

Each ACES investigator holds the licensing requirement necessary to conduct these types of cases on a client’s behalf, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not the agent you’ve been assigned to does in fact hold his mississippi private investigator license.

We realize that every investigation in Mississippi is unique and our investigators treat each case as just that – unique and specific to that particular client.

So if you need to conduct a background check on a potential employee, someone you’ve met online, a business associate or for any other reason, ACES Jackson is the place for you.

We conduct background checks through many different methods, including criminal and civil history reports, work histories, address history reports and whatever other information is in our network.

Our reports are thorough and extremely detailed, containing every piece of information that is publicly available on the person, persons or business in question.

Divorces and Child Custody Cases

Divorces and Child Custody Cases

In Mississippi and throughout the United States, it’s a sad fact that more than half of all marriages end in divorce. And in many of these cases, children are involved.

This can certainly cause complications during divorce proceedings, presenting cases that need to be investigated with an extra level of care, compassion and discretion.

Our Mississippi detectives have decades of experience in dealing with child custody matters and have received specialized training on how to deal with cases involving young children.

With an extra level of care, we’ll gather the evidence you need for this type of case and present it to you professionally and in an easy to decipher format.

And when the investigation is complete, we can appear in court on your behalf. Our investigators spend a good deal of time in various courtrooms and understand it’s part of the quality service that we offer to our clients.

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The examples above are some of the more popular cases that we take on in the state of Mississippi, but our Mississippi private investigator license staff are some of the best trained people in the business. So if you don’t see your needed services above, rest assured that we handle any and all types of investigative matters in Mississippi.

For the best private investigative services, call ACES Jackson today and put the best in Mississippi to work for you.

Our ACES Jackson detectives will go the extra mile and ensure that your case receives the kind of personal attention to detail that you expect and deserve.

Give us a ring and discover what ACES can do for you!

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