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There are many different types of cases that make up a successful private investigation business, and ACES Jackson of Mississippi has investigators on staff who specialize in every one of them.

From the mainstays of the industry to cases that are much more specialized in nature, our team of skilled investigators are some of the best in the business.

Some of the more popular types of cases at ACES Mississippi Private Investigator include:

Ask any private investigation company what their most frequent types of cases are and most of them will say ones that involve some form of surveillance.

At ACES Jackson, our team of Mississippi Private Investigators is highly trained in modern surveillance techniques and is constantly staying up to date on the latest breakthroughs in the industry.

Many of our Private Investigator Mississippi team have backgrounds in law enforcement and have several years of experience conducting these types of investigations. From good old fashioned detective work to utilizing the latest in modern technology, you won’t find better masters of surveillance than at ACES Private Investigations Jackson.

From GPS trackers, to high tech cameras and video equipment, even spy gadgets from time to time, our investigators leave no stone unturned when it comes to completing their assignments and returning as much information as possible to our clients.

Protective Services
When it comes to your personal safety, you don’t want to take any chances. So if you feel you’re in danger in any way, ACES Jackson has individuals on staff who are specially trained in protective services.

Many of our Mississippi Private Investigator team are fully licensed to carry firearms in the state of Mississippi. If you’d like the person watching your back to be armed. It really comes down to your personal preference, as it relates to weapons.

We have plenty of experience in this area, so you can rest assured that you’re hiring a true professional who will always have your safety and well being in mind.

Workers Compensation Fraud
Many of the companies we work with experience some type of fraud, and one of the more popular types in recent years involves worker’s compensation claims.

So if you’ve paid a worker’s compensation claim to an employee or former employee and suspect that he or she may not be on the up and up, we can look into the matter and report back to you on our findings.

If we check things out and everything turns out okay, that’s great and you’ll have a peace of mind that you didn’t have before. But if it turns out to be fraud, you could save a lot of money and prosecute an unscrupulous individual, thus getting him or her on the record as being a cheat.

When you hire ACES Jackson, we’ll use every surveillance technique at our disposal to completely vet and investigate an individual’s worker’s compensation claim against your company.

Divorce & Child Custody
With so many marriages ending in divorce in the United States, there’s an ever growing need for private investigative services that revolve around familial matters.

Not every divorce or child custody case is going to be messy and several are even settled outside of a courtroom. But if your case is not this simple, and you need our private investigator mississippi staff to work on your behalf, then ACES Jackson can help.

We have a tremendous amount of experience in these types of cases, and can gather information on your spouse in a number of different ways. It really all depends on your wants and needs, and how deep you need us to dig.

Particularly in child custody cases, we try to be as discreet as possible and compile what we need in an unobtrusive and professional manner. We expertly gather the information and present it to you, then it’s your decision on how you want to proceed.

And if you need us to testify in court on your behalf, we’ll be ready to do so.

Background Checks
You can’t be too careful these days, whether it’s hiring a new employee, going out on a blind date or even entering into a business arrangement with a potential new partner.

Whatever the reason may be, or whoever the person is that you want to have checked out, you can depend on our Private Investigator Mississippi Staff to work diligently on your behalf and return to you a detailed and thorough report of the subject in question.

We conduct our background checks through many different methods. These include, but are not limited to, criminal and civil history reports, work histories, address history reports and whatever other information is at our disposal.

Missing Persons
Whether you’re looking for someone deep in the heart of Texas, in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest or even in a large major city like New York or Los Angeles, our ACES investigators can find them and give you the information you need to make contact.

We utilize every database at our disposal to search public records from coast to coast, and we have a long history of finding people, whether they want to be found or not.

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